Digital Satellite Meters

About Digital Satellite Meters

You will find only the very best, economical, hand held satellite finder meters here. These meters are designed with the professional installer in mind, yet are low cost enough for the hobbyist, experimenter, and home owner.

So if you are looking for a meter for professional installs or for adjusting your dish at home, you have come to the right place. You will find meters in different price ranges to meet your needs.

We offer payment by Western Union, bank wire, Paypal and credit card for customers that qualify.

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When it needs to be done right the first time, First Strike meters are the preferred meters of professional installers. Small enough to easily carry, powerful enough to make installs quick and easy. True RF meters at a cost effective price.

Choose Sathero Meters for low cost at high end performance in hand held meters.

More available models than any other brand.

This unique meter works with your Android smart phone, tablet or other Android devices. Just put the SF250A in your LNBF to Receiver line and you will be able to read signal strength and more on your Android device.